Nonprofit Marketing Using Impact Funnels and Storytelling

Video Interview and Podcast by Steve Vick of Nonprofit Ally

What is an impact funnel and how can it help your nonprofit’s online marketing, storytelling, and impact efforts? Boris shares everything he could fit into an hour podcast for Nonprofit Ally.

We recently shared an article about the top seven podcasts for nonprofit professionals, which includes Nonprofit Ally, hosted by Steve Vick. We love the podcast because Steve regularly interviews nonprofit experts and influencers and extracts the best/latest practices to help orgs do more. So when he reached out on Twitter and requested to interview Boris, we jumped at the chance.

Boris told him everything. And then offered a special bonus to NP Ally listeners.

Key Questions and Takeaways for Nonprofit Marketing

We covered a lot of ground (good thing Boris speaks really fast), including:

  • What is an impact funnel and why should you reverse-engineer yours?
  • How do you guide people down the funnel to your goal?
  • Ways to get insights on how your audience is interacting with your site and why they’re not going down the funnel.
  • How do you decide where to spend your time to find new audiences?
  • What are the two audiences that can grow your base?
  • What’s the latest trend and new ad tool that you should be trying on Facebook?
  • How can you get more people to share your cause?
  • Where do you begin designing your impact funnel?

Listen to the podcast now (on iTunesAndroid, or streaming on, or watch the video version below.

Watch the Video: Impact Funnels for Nonprofit Marketing

Action Steps: Implementing the Funnel

  • Define Your Story

    Answer the 5Ws and H of your organization and make sure they’re communicated clearly.

  • Target Your Audince

    Decide who you want to target as potential beneficiaries and donors, find out where they are and what your value proposition is to them.

  • Open the Funnel at the Top

    Go after your current and target audiences wherever they are, but do it strategically. Don’t “spray and pray!”