Civi CRM

An open source constituent relationship management (CRM), event management, donations/payments, volunteer management platform and more, designed for charities and nonprofits


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  • Contact management — contact data can be stored in one place; you can tag and group contacts according to their level of engagement with the organization
  • Membership management — allows members to sign up, pay online, and receive membership renewal reminders
  • Accounting integration — enter gifts into the CRM, export data, then import them into your accounting system  
  • Event management — create generation forms, sign up volunteers, and generate registration confirmations and receipts
  • Email marketing — you can send emails using personalized templates and measure the effectiveness of campaigns by monitoring email statistics
  • Advocacy campaigns — allows nonprofits to create online petitions and encourages supporters to take action
  • P2P fundraising — Constituents can create personal campaigns to raise funds on your behalf
  • Reports — CiviReport has over 40 standard reports to help your organization evaluate its impact


  • CiviCRM is complex and flexible, and can be tailored to fit your nonprofit’s needs
  • Save your contacts with unlimited number of custom fields, which allows you to track supporters and each interaction with them
  • It’s to link donations with contact records, so you can easily thank donors for their generosity
  • Send automatic reminders to your supporters to make sure your events are well-attended
  • Encourage donors to help you achieve your fundraising goals by setting up a tracking page with a thermometer widget


  • You need to have good technical/programming knowledge to install and use the CRM
  • Some organizations pay for experts to manage and customize the system, which can be more expensive than using other paid CRMs or free ones
  • It’s hard to master all of the features due to its broadness and complexity
  • According to some users, the font and some formatting are not user-friendly
  • You have to rely on networks and forums (or your paid expert) for support


  • Free* — CiviCRM is an open-source system, so you don’t have to pay to use it; however, you need hosting to take advantage of its features
  • Organizations with limited in-house technical capacity will likely have to pay for hosting and a Civi “partner” expert to get set up and maintain the system