Facebook Live

Broadcast live video streams to better connect with your Facebook followers and gain some new ones.

Website: live.fb.com 

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Facebook Live


  • Broadcast live streams to your followers with ease
  • Interact with your followers in engaging, real-time conversations
  • Keep your existing followers up-to-date while simultaneously gaining new ones
  • Tell your organization’s story with creative tools and filters


  • Very easy to broadcast and engage with your current audience
  • Live streams you want to keep can be turned into evergreen content (content that doesn’t expire), such as a post or Facebook video ad
  • Video ads can turn your viewers into a retargeting audience to help further your cause
  • Facebook Reactions help you better engage with your audience and see how your content resonates with them
  • Broadcast remains beyond 24 hours
  • Because Facebook Live is built into the Facebook platform, you don’t need a specific app or special equipment
  • Very accessible with excellent reach (most people have Facebook)


  • Since Facebook is not intended to be a live streaming platform (unlike Periscope), you need a clear strategy to live stream
  • Response rate is slower than Periscope
  • Not as engaging as Periscope—can’t comment on other people’s comments


  • Free