G-Suite for Nonprofits (Google Docs)

Cloud-based office suite software providing word processing, spreadsheets, and other productivity and collaboration services.

Website: google.com/nonprofits/products

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Google Docs


  • Create and edit files online, with all changes automatically saved onto Google Drive
  • Easy collaboration tools—cooperative editing of documents, spreadsheets and presentations in real-time
  • Google Calendar keeps schedules organized and appointments updated
  • Video conference calls host up to 25 participants


  • Services are all free and easy to use
  • All changes to any files are automatically saved immediately into Google Drive so work never gets lost
  • Sharing capabilities makes it very easy to collaborate and set permissions, eliminating the need to constantly email documents
  • No compatibility issues—all apps are accessible through a single provider and are updated continuously
  • 30GB of storage space per user across Gmail and Google Drive for accessing Google Docs from any device, anytime


  • Lacks some of the functionality of Microsoft Office—not as much customizable options
  • Requires an internet connection for access—since all documents are saved onto Google Drive, they can’t be accessed in areas with no internet and would have to be be downloaded in advance


  • Free
  • Must register with TechSoup to get started