Fundraising platform offering a way for your supporters to donate and give instantly to your cause. 


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  • Collect donations on Facebook and Twitter using the #donate hashtag
  • Those who wish to donate can comment or reply with #donate to give to your cause
  • First time donors are able to go through a sign-up link and then can donate whenever they want to


  • Easy and quick way for your supporters to donate to your cause
  • More likely that people will donate when given the option to do so right after learning more about your organization
  • Simple sign up method through the website to get started today
  • Goodworld Donate Button for visitors to easily donate from your website in addition to social media outlets
  • Transactions are secured by 256-bit AES technology
  • Your information is secure


  • A 4.8% processing fee as well as a 2.2% credit card processing fee is added per transaction


  • Nonprofit organizations and donors do not need to pay to use Goodworld
  • No monthly fees
  • No set up cost
  • 4.8% processing fee and 2.2% credit card processing fee