Google Analytics

Web analytics tool that tracks and reports website traffic, conversions, and ad performance. Most widely used web analytics service on the internet.


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  • Track visitors to your website and mobile app
  • Learn about your users’ behaviors, demographics, and interests
  • Test and learn to find out what content is resonating best with users and leading to more conversions
  • Track KPIs (key performance indicators) for your organization and campaigns


  • Robust website analytics free of charge
  • Syncs with Google Ads accounts
  • Track from mobile, tablet, and desktop
  • Customized data collection and reporting
  • As the most ubiquitous solution out there, many add-ons and integrations are available


  • There are a lot of intricacies so the platform may seem overwhelming if you don’t devote the time to learn
  • Updates are constantly being made so need to invest time to keep up with all the functionalities
  • Limited support other than published content from Google

Pricing: Free