Google Forms

Gather information for surveys or Q&A’s in responsive forms to learn something about your audience.


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Google Forms


  • Easily gather data through polls, surveys, Q&A’s etc.
  • Choose several question options such as multiple choice, dropdowns, or linear scale
  • Create forms that are linked to spreadsheets so that data is automatically transferred
  • Organize real-time responses in charts or sheets
  • Customize form field options, with 12 field types, 9 question types, as well as text, photo, and video fields


  • Easy-to-use interface for creating and deploying forms—easy to drag-and-drop form elements and organize them
  • Customizable options, including the type of data inserted in the field
  • Summery results are automatically generated w/chart-based summary views—makes it easy to see trends
  • Part of the Google apps package—full integration with Google Sheets to further analyze the data


  • Overall design customization of forms is limited
  • No integration with PayPal, Salesforce, Freshbooks, etc.


  • Free