Google Hangouts

Communication platform for making video calls, voice calls, and sending messages from anywhere.


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Google Hangouts


  • Message anyone, with one-to-one conversations or group chat
  • Make video calls one-on-one or up to 10 people from your desktop or mobile device
  • Make voice calls to other Hangouts users or call any US and Canada number for free
  • Share your screen to give your broadcast a view of your desktop or a specific application
  • Set up and host webinars to share ideas with your audience


  • Free and easy-to-use
  • Great for organizations communicating with workers remotely and for video conferencing
  • Works on every platform, from desktops to mobile devices
  • Syncs conversations from device to device
  • Fun features such as emojis, photos, and GIFs in messaging and drawing effects in video
  • Part of the Google apps package—users can access all their Google services in one place


  • Can’t remove a user from a group chat, whether they’re currently active or not
  • Can get buggy and take time to update


  • Free