All-in-one web analytics platform for tracking and reporting website traffic.


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  • Understand your nonprofit’s web and mobile site visitors’ behavior with helpful analytics
  • Heatmaps feature visually represents your visitors’ clicks, taps, and scrolling behavior—helps you determine visitors’ motivation/desire
  • Visitor recordings let you analyze real visitor behavior by seeing their clicks, taps, and actual mouse movements
    • Note: you may want to make sure your website’s privacy policy and terms of use cover this type of recording
  • Conversion funnels give you the opportunity to improve your site by analyzing and determining which page and at what point your visitors leave your site (drop-off rate)
  • Form analysis helps you improve your online form completion rates—analyzes form completion time, which fields are left blank, and why visitors abandon your forms
  • Feedback polls, surveys, and user testing help you to improve your site by understanding what your visitors want and target them with specific questions


  • Heatmaps is great for diagnosing issues with call to action placements
  • The ability to track and monitor your visitor’s journey in real-time is not only useful for learning how well your site operates, but also how your audience interacts with your site
  • Feedback forms are great for getting your visitor’s point of view on your site and where you can improve
  • Visitor data helps improve your overall conversion rate


  • Form analysis is limited—may have to use a separate tool to analyze forms like HubSpot
  • May reduce the loading speed of websites
  • Can’t use the Heatmaps feature to analyze mouse movements and other visitor behavior on popups
  • No A/B testing


  • Business Plans:
    • 20,000 pageviews/day: $89/month
    • 50,000 pageviews/day: $189/month
    • 120,000 pageviews/day: $289/month
    • 400,000 pageviews/day: $589/month
  • Nonprofit Discount: 50% off business plans or $89/month plan for free if willing to display a Hotjar button on your website
    • Must contact Hotjar for more information