Hubspot CRM

A customer relations management tool that allows you to organize and track your current and potential donors. Designed for for-profit businesses, its power, flexibility and price (free) makes it a great candidate for nonprofits.


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  • Store up to 1,000,000 contacts with no expiration date
  • Manage your pipeline and entire contacts database
  • Track donor interactions automatically— whether they’re in an email, across social media, or on a call
  • Place phone calls from within the CRM


  • If you’ve been using a spreadsheet for tracking, this tool is much more robust
  • Easy to learn and the menu is easy to navigate
  • Your whole team can share the system, so one team member can easily pick up with a donor where another team member left off
  • Sort capability allows easy view of people who have donated and those who have not
  • Syncs with Gmail or Outlook to capture every communication
  • Organizes everything about a particular donor in one place
  • You have the option to record and store conversations
  • Calendar and meeting scheduling tools


  • The tool does not have the capability to create or export custom reports
  • Some advanced features require integration to other products which may or may not be free
  • Can take a lot of time to set up all of the functionality for you and your team
  • The number of features makes it difficult to master


  • Hubspot CRM is “free forever.” As long as you don’t need additional features, there is no charge to use the service
  • Integrations with Hubspot Sales and Hubspot Marketing—which add a lot more power—require a subscription fee