Crowdfunding platform using word-of-mouth referral programs to spread the word about funding campaigns.


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  • Create automated referral programs for crowdfunding campaigns
  • Set reward offerings to match your campaign needs to encourage people to spread the word
  • Generate awareness for your nonprofit’s campaign/cause


  • Using the power of word-of-mouth, Boosters (backers) supporting your campaign have a reward-based incentive to spread the word and make your campaign go viral
  • Decide the percentage of funds raised to offer to Boosters as a reward—the higher the percentage, the more people are going to promote your campaign and the higher the chance your campaign goes viral
  • Kickbooster automatically creates your Booster links, tracks your Boosters, clicks, dollars raised, and takes care of payouts for you
  • Easy-to-use—once you create referral links, set the reward percentage, and start the campaign, there is very little more you need to do


  • 3% processing fee
  • Can be challenging to come up with a reward percentage that will both incentivize your Boosters and at the same time give you a decent return


  • Free
  • 3% processing fee
  • Reward percentage to be paid out to Boosters