With remote work on the rise for nonprofits, background noise during meetings can be very distracting. Whether working from home, a coffee shop or an airport, Krisp removes most background noise, other voices and even echos, using an AI algorithm to isolate your voice and/or the people you’re speaking to.


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  • Remove unwanted background noise and room echo during your incoming and outgoing calls
  • Access multi-voice support so you can hear everyone at once
  • Available for Windows, MacOS and iOS (Android coming soon)


  • Avoid muting yourself and/or other participants on calls due to unwanted noise
  • Easy to configure as you can simply select Krisp as your microphone setting
  • Perform all audio processing locally – adding security and saving bandwidth
  • Easily integrates with nearly any room system software such as Zoom Rooms and Microsoft Team Rooms
  • Downloadable as a Google Chrome extension, or as an app for Windows, MacOS and iOS


  • Most call and meeting apps default to your primary/default microphone and speakers, so you’ll need to select Krisp as the mic and speakers in each program
  • Reduces audio frequency range to prioritize normal vocal range for calls, which makes it not ideal for recording or podcasting
  • They are still a relatively small company, so they have limited resources and reach


  • Free plan: All users get 120 min/week of free noise cancellation
  • Krisp Pro and Teams: $3.33/user/mo (paid annually)
  • Nonprofit Discounts