Password management system for storing encrypted passwords in private accounts.


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  • Keep all your passwords safely stored in the password manager—easily accessible with one master password
  • Keep digital records of notes/important documents safe and easily accessible
  • Password sharing—conveniently and safely share passwords and notes with anyone
  • Access passwords and notes from any device, anywhere
  • Browser extensions for easily accessing the password manager from any browser


  • No longer have to remember so many passwords—one master password makes it easy to access all your stored passwords
  • Easy to share and send login information to other users securely
  • Automatically syncs passwords across all devices
  • Notifications appear in toolbar to save new usernames and passwords
  • Unlimited number of passwords can be stored
  • Password strength support for creating safe passowords
  • Your information is completely secure—only you know your master password and can access your information (not even LastPass can)


  • Sometimes saves passwords multiple times—can result in duplicate or outdated entries
  • Mobile app could stand some improvement


  • Free
  • Premium: $1/month billed annually ($12/year)
    • Shared family folder—up to 5 users, LastPass for applications, desktop fingerprint identification, 1GB of encrypted file storage