Live video streaming app connecting audiences with broadcasts from around the world.


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  • Broadcast live videos (scopes) to engage your audience
  • Post on other social networks in advance to let your audience know when to view you—tweet out links to your Periscope handle
  • Share your location and put your organization on the Periscope map so people can discover your scopes
  • Make your video public or viewable to only certain users
  • Viewer watched-time statistics—a graph shows your viewers over time, specifically when people came and left your broadcast


  • Ease-of-use—broadcasting videos is quick and simple
  • Gives your organization visibility and drives awareness to your cause
  • Builds relationships with your audience—can ask them to take action for your cause
  • Broadcasts can be tweeted from Periscope and users can share/invite their friends to further increase engagement
  • Can choose whether to save your broadcasts or delete them after 24 hours


  • Uses a lot of data
  • Lack of options—can’t create a retargeting audience with your viewers that can later be used in an ad, as you would with Facebook Live


  • Free