Crowdfunding platform for raising funds for various causes.

Website: razoo.com/p/nonprofits

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  • Create customizable fundraising webpages
  • Setup fundraisers with all donations going directly to charity
  • Raise money as a team, with leaderboards to track and compare progress
  • Tell your nonprofit’s story through words, images and videos


  • Donations can be made directly from your website or Facebook, making it easier for existing supporters to donate
  • Can help gain more exposure for your nonprofit/cause
  • Can accept donations without being required to sign up for an account
  • Provides charitable gift receipts and easy electronic payments
  • Mobile-friendly site—can collect donations from anywhere including smartphones and tablets


  • 4.9% platform fee is relatively high
  • Takes a while to receive funds—Razoo pays out only once a month instead of within a couple days of receiving the donation


  • Platform fee: 4.9%/donation
  • Payment fee: 2.0% + $0.30/donation