Video screen capture Chrome extension for recording your computer screen activity.


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  • Record screen videos of your Chrome tab, webcam, and/or desktop screen for video lesson tutorials, video presentations, video coaching and role playing training, or anything else
  • Edit and annotate videos—focus attention on a particular object, write on the screen, highlight a mouse click, and more using Screencastify’s annotation tools
  • Share your video recordings on YouTube, Google Drive, or Google Classrooms—videos can also be exported as an MP4 or GIF and shared via email or social networks
  • Full integration with Google Drive lets you save and access your recordings from anywhere


  • Speeds of communication and saves organizations time/money by creating
  • Compatibility with Google Drive and Dropbox for easy access from your favorite file storage service
  • Configuration settings offer a lot of flexibility
  • No additional software is required—no Java, Flash, or other plugins needed


  • Editing tools are limited
  • Screencastify logo present on free version


  • Lite: Free
    • Record up to 10 minutes per video with an embedded Screencastify logo, make up to 50 recordings each month
  • Premium: $24/yr
    • Unlimited recording length and number of recordings, no watermark, cropping and trimming, MP4 export