Workplace by Facebook

Collaborative platform that allows organizations to communicate, host live brainstorms and presentations.


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Workplace by Facebook


  • Communicate with coworkers on multiple platforms, whether in-office or remotely
  • Real-time chatting, virtual brainstorms in Groups, and presentations on Facebook Live
  • Collaborate with different organizations in shared spaces called Multi-Company Groups
  • Interactive dashboard with analytics and integrations, including with existing IT systems
  • News Feed similar to Facebook
  • Other features include Reactions, Search, and trending posts


  • Communication is streamlined into one platform
  • Multi-Company Groups makes it easy for employees from different organizations to collaborate
  • Interface is easy to operate—familiar design and functionality to Facebook
  • Very low cost


  • Because it’s still a new platform, Workplace isn’t well established yet—can be glitchy while they work out all the kinks
  • Can be distracting if it’s connected to your personal Facebook—you may accidentally post something on your work account or vice-versa


  • FREE for non-profits and educational institutions