YouTube Nonprofit Program

Tell your nonprofit’s story and raise donations through videos on YouTube.


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YouTube for Nonprofits


  • Raise money for your cause with donation cards—viewers can make a donation right from your video
  • Outreach toolkit lets you work with supporters and partner with creators on YouTube to raise money
  • Link Anywhere Cards directs viewers to your campaign landing pages or any external URLs
  • YouTube Spaces lets you shoot or edit your videos at YouTube’s creator studios


  • Easy to join—must first apply for Google for Nonprofits
  • Harness the power of video as a new revenue stream
  • Your nonprofit gets 100% of the donation


  • Nonprofits don’t receive the donor data information—can’t follow up with donors and/or cultivate donor lists
  • You have no control over donation cards on videos you don’t own
  • The image associated with the donation card is a generic icon rather than your official logo


  • Free