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Staff review the nonprofit online technology report

How Nonprofits Use Technology to Increase Engagement in 2017

REPORT: How nonprofits around the world use online technology—the effectiveness of email, blogging, social media, and mobile technology in communications strategies.

Woman shopping online and donating

Get Donations Every Time Your Supporters Shop on Amazon

Amazon has donated over $32MM to charities so far. Sign up in under 5 minutes with this step-by-step guide to get donations every time your supporters shop.

Boy on mobile device in classroom

Mobile Fundraising 101: What Your Non-Profit Needs to Know

Mobile fundraising is making it easier than ever for donors (especially younger donors) to discover and give to their favorite charities. How can your organization benefit from it and where do you begin?

2016 Mobile Trends for NonProfits

2016 Mobile Trends: What Nonprofits Need to Know and Do

What does the 2016 mobile usage data mean to your nonprofit? We break down what you need to know (and do!) to maximize your resources and results.

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