Marketing Ideas That Work - with Boris Kievsky on FutureMedia TV

Discussing Non-Profit Online Marketing and Strategy

Boris recently sat down with FutureMediaTV to share online marketing knowledge gained in and directed towards the world of non-profits.

Non-profits are always driven by passion, which leads to their limited budgets usually going directly towards “the cause.” That’s why most of organizations don’t have communication departments, or if they do, they often don’t have the time and financial capacity to keep up with all of the latest online trends. That’s why dotOrgStrategy exists—to disseminate online marketing information and strategies to nonprofits in a more cost and time-efficient way.

Here’s an outline of what was discussed on the show. Watch the entire video below to get all of the details.

Storytelling is Vital

All humans relate to stories. Marketing is about storytelling in a way that caters to the organization’s goals. For non-profits, that usually revolves around your organization’s mission. And the story that you’re telling has to appeal to your target audience—which should be as specific as possible.

Marketing Tips for Nonprofits

  • Successful marketing lies in:
    1. Grabbing your audience’s attention
    2. Gaining their interest
    3. Winning their desire and then
    4. Calling them to action.
  • Use social media platforms as part of your “impact funnels,” guiding your audience on a journey, using small calls to action to lead them to a larger final call.
  • Use different social media platforms according to what type of story you want to produce and the audience you are trying to reach. Each platform appeals more easily to different types of stories and demographics.
  • Tie in to the current zeitgeist—what is popular and already being talked about at the time. This is will encourage people to discuss and share your posts because they are more likely to already be talking about it.
  • Be prepared to pay for advertising. Just because you are using social media doesn’t mean that your post will automatically reach all of your followers. For heavily monetized platforms, such as Facebook, you usually need to pay to sponsor or “boost” your post so that it reaches your target audience.
  • Quality over quantity. Rather than mass produce the same message on multiple platforms, start with one platform and then slowly adapt it to others.
  • Use templates to maximize work flow.

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