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Downloads and resources for nonprofit storytelling, digital strategy and fundraising.

Nonprofit Websites in 2022 - Whats New + 5 Things To Do-cover

Nonprofit Websites in 2022

Download the slide deck from our LinkedIn Live presentation about trends and tactics to be aware of in 2022.
Download Target Hero Avatar Workbook

Target Hero Avatar Template

You can't tell an effective story if you don't know exactly to whom you're speaking, and why. Use this worksheet to identify the ideal person who will step up and be a hero for your cause.
Nonprofit Digital Pivot Resources

Nonprofit Digital Pivot Resources

Get our expert panel's top recommended strategies tools for surviving and thriving through the pandemic with digital pivots.
46 Hollywood Storytelling Tips

Nonprofit Hollywood Storytelling Tips E-Book

Storytelling tips, ideas and strategies for engaging your nonprofit audience and creating heroes for your cause.
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Schedule a 20-minute strategy call to discuss your organization and how you can use storytelling and technology to create more heroes for your cause.